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Gonzalo Cuervo for Mayor of Providence

My name is Gonzalo Cuervo and i am running for Mayor of Providence

I love Providence. It’s part of who I am. I was born here and became a community organizer on the South Side while still a teenager. In 1999, my wife, Francis, and I purchased and restored our first home in Washington Park, where we raised our family. I have empowered residents, small business owners, and community organizations here to bring about change. I’ve run a small business on Broad Street, and I’ve worked at the highest levels of city and state government to improve people’s lives. In short, I have experienced Providence’s many opportunities and challenges first-hand. 

My parents, immigrants from Colombia, believed in the importance of service and community. From an early age, I helped relatives, neighbors and friends navigate systems that were complicated and unwelcoming. Later, as a young adult, these experiences compelled me to play an active role in my community and help others whenever possible. 

Today, Providence is rich in culture and creative energy. In every neighborhood, in our businesses and universities, we have hard-working, dedicated people. Visitors inevitably fall in love with our city. Yet for all of its strengths, for all the amazing things happening here, too many Providence residents have been left behind. Families barely making ends meet, unable to access the assets and opportunities that make our city so unique and attractive. Unable to realize their own remarkable potential. The pandemic has only highlighted these disparities, laying them bare and challenging us to quietly go back to the way things were before or take bold action. 

It’s time to take action. That’s why I’m running for Mayor. 

Gonzalo Cuervo for Mayor of Providence

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Bill Bartholomew welcomes Providence Mayoral Candidate Gonzalo Cuervo for a discussion on his bid to become the city's next mayor.

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Excerpts from Uprise.com, September 28, 2021: A quick interview with Gonzalo Cuervo who is running for Mayor of Providence promising solutions, not talkGonzalo Cuervo is a community organizer and business person with government experience, most recently in the...

Providence Mayoral Candidate Gonzalo Cuervo calls on Brett Smiley to return all campaign contributions received from State vendors, lobbyists, and associates

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — “Today, the RI State Ethics Commission made it clear - in a 28-page settlement attached to a $4,500 civil penalty - that Mr. Smiley, a lifelong fundraising expert, knowingly received campaign contributions from state vendors and their associates...

Gonzalo Cuervo Calls on Mayor and Council to take immediate action to address violence in Providence

Providence, Rhode Island - Every city’s first priority must be to keep its residents safe. Clearly, Providence is falling short. The city’s recent increase in violence is heartbreaking and unacceptable. My condolences to all who have been directly impacted. Tragic...

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Gonzalo Cuervo announced his candidacy for Providence mayor nearly two years before the 2022 election, and the longtime player in Democratic politics says his experience in both city and state government make him the best person for the job....

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Gonzalo Cuervo, candidate for Mayor of Providence, joins Joe Paolino Jr. In The Arena

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“By putting personal friendship and loyalty above the safety and welfare of Providence’s children…

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March 25, 2021 at the Port of Providence

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“We will go steadily until we reach the Mayor’s Office.”

Every family in Providence – regardless of zip codes – should feel safe, live with dignity, and have the freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams. Every family should have access to an affordable home – whether they rent or own.


Every human in Providence should enjoy clean air and a sustainable, green urban environment. Our waterfront city must play a leading role in the fight against climate change, while developing a local green economy that spurs sustainable development and good jobs.

Every student in Providence should receive the best public education possible. One that prepares them to expand their horizons and succeed in life regardless of the path they choose. An education in buildings that aren’t falling apart, in spaces that inspire creativity, and in classrooms led by effective and caring educators.


Gonzalo Cuervo for Mayor of Providence

Providence needs a mayor who believes that our city’s best days are ahead of us. 

A mayor who speaks from their own lived experience. A mayor who listens and who leads with vision, determination, and empathy. 

This is what I will bring to the office. From growing up in a cramped triple decker apartment to organizing and empowering communities, to running a small business and rising to the rank of Chief of Staff in the City of Providence, to successfully navigating state government. This is what I know. 

Nearly a decade ago, when our city faced unprecedented fiscal challenges, I worked closely with Mayor Angel Taveras to help our city avert bankruptcy and chart a path towards long-term sustainability. It was difficult work, yet my years of experience in city government and in the community had prepared me for the challenge. 

As Deputy Secretary of State under Nellie Gorbea, I worked to modernize our election systems, enact unprecedented lobbying reform, and streamline the way RI businesses interact with their government. In 2020, when many questioned whether we would even be able to hold an election in the midst of a global pandemic, I was part of the team that organized a statewide election with the highest level of voter participation in years. I know how to get things done. 

I’m running for Mayor because I believe in Providence.

Cities are more than just roads, buildings and budgets, they are communities of people. People with hopes and dreams. I believe in the people of Providence because I’ve walked alongside them for decades. I know that, together, we can build a Providence where equity, justice, and opportunity are more than aspirational talking points. A Providence where these guiding principles inform every decision that we make and everything that we do, from fixing potholes to creating affordable housing to reimagining the role of public safety. 

Together, we will build a sustainable world-class city. A place that celebrates its creative energy and diversity while lifting thousands of families into the middle class and leading on the issues that matter most. A Providence we can believe in.

Gonzalo Cuervo for Mayor of Providence


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